Вторник исправлений, выпуск от октября 2021 года

Сегодня компанияMicrosoft выпустила обновления для устранения более 70 дыр в безопасности своих операционных систем Windows и другого программного обеспечения, включая одну уязвимость, которая уже используется. В этом месяце “вторник исправлений” также включает исправления безопасности для недавно выпущенной операционной системы Windows 11. Отдельно компания Apple выпустила обновления для iOS и iPadOS для устранения уязвимости, которая активно … Читать далее

Microsoft Issues Emergency Patch for Windows Flaw

Microsoft on Tuesday issued an emergency software update to quash a security bug that’s been dubbed “PrintNightmare,” a critical vulnerability in all supported versions of Windows that is actively being exploited. The fix comes a week ahead of Microsoft’s normal monthly Patch Tuesday release, and follows the publishing of exploit code showing would-be attackers how … Читать далее

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, March 2021 Edition

On the off chance you were looking for more security to-dos from Microsoft today…the company released software updates to plug more than 82 security flaws in Windows and other supported software. Ten of these earned Microsoft’s “critical” rating, meaning they can be exploited by malware or miscreants with little or no help from users. Top … Читать далее

Microsoft Patch Tuesday, May 2020 Edition

Microsoft today issued software updates to plug at least 111 security holes in Windows and Windows-based programs. None of the vulnerabilities were labeled as being publicly exploited or detailed prior to today, but as always if you’re running Windows on any of your machines it’s time once again to prepare to get your patches on. … Читать далее

Patch Tuesday, January 2019 Edition

Microsoft on Tuesday released updates to fix roughly four dozen security issues with its Windows operating systems and related software. All things considered, this first Patch Tuesday of 2019 is fairly mild, bereft as it is of any new Adobe Flash updates or zero-day exploits. But there are a few spicy bits to keep in … Читать далее

Microsoft Issues Emergency Fix for IE Zero Day

Microsoft today released an emergency software patch to plug a critical security hole in its Internet Explorer (IE) Web browser that attackers are already using to break into Windows computers. The software giant said it learned about the weakness (CVE-2018-8653) after receiving a report from Google about a new vulnerability being used in targeted attacks. Satnam … Читать далее