Требуются: Недовольные сотрудники для распространения программ-вымогателей

Преступные хакеры готовы пойти практически на все, чтобы проникнуть на прибыльное предприятие и получить миллионные выплаты за заражение вымогательским ПО. По-видимому, теперь это включает в себя рассылку электронных писем непосредственно сотрудникам и их просьбу запустить вредоносное ПО в сети их работодателя в обмен на процент от суммы выкупа, выплачиваемого компанией-жертвой. Изображение: Abnormal Security. Крейн Хассольд, … Читать далее

How Do You Fight a $12B Fraud Problem? One Scammer at a Time

The fraudsters behind the often laughable Nigerian prince email scams have long since branched out into far more serious and lucrative forms of fraud, including account takeovers, phishing, dating scams, and malware deployment. Combating such a multifarious menace can seem daunting, and it calls for concerted efforts to tackle the problem from many different angles. … Читать далее

FBI: Extortion, CEO Fraud Among Top Online Fraud Complaints in 2016

Online extortion, tech support scams and phishing attacks that spoof the boss were among the most costly cyber scams reported by consumers and businesses last year, according to new figures from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The IC3 report released Thursday correctly identifies some of the most prevalent and insidious forms of cybercrimes … Читать далее

FBI: Businesses Lost $215M to Email Scams

It’s time once again to update my Value of a Hacked Email Account graphic: According to a recent alert from the FBI, cyber thieves stole nearly $215 million from businesses in the last 14 months using a scam that starts when business executives or employees have their email accounts hijacked. Federal investigators say the so-called “business email … Читать далее

DHS Warns of ‘TDos’ Extortion Attacks on Public Emergency Networks

As if emergency responders weren’t already overloaded: Increasingly, extortionists are launching debilitating attacks designed to overwhelm the telephone networks of emergency communications centers and personnel, according to a confidential alert jointly issued by the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI. “TDos” warning The alert, a copy of which was obtained by KrebsOnSecurity, warns public … Читать далее

FBI: $20M in Fraudulent Wire Transfers to China

The Federal Bureau of Investigation warned this week that cyber thieves have stolen approximately $20 million  over the past year from small to mid-sized U.S. businesses through a series of fraudulent wire transfers sent to Chinese economic and trade companies located near the country’s border with Russia. The FBI said that between March 2010 and … Читать далее