Банда подарочных карт извлекает деньги из 100 тысяч входящих ежедневно

Некоторые из наиболее успешных и прибыльных интернет-мошенников используют подход “низкого и медленного” – избегая обнаружения или вмешательства со стороны исследователей и правоохранительных органов путем кражи небольших денежных сумм у многих людей в течение длительного периода времени. Вот история о киберпреступной группе, которая ежедневно взламывает до 100 000 почтовых ящиков и, по-видимому, не делает ничего другого, … Читать далее

Breach at Cloud Solution Provider PCM Inc.

A digital intrusion at PCM Inc., a major U.S.-based cloud solution provider, allowed hackers to access email and file sharing systems for some of the company’s clients, KrebsOnSecurity has learned. El Segundo, Calif. based PCM [NASDAQ:PCMI] is a provider of technology products, services and solutions to businesses as well as state and federal governments. PCM has nearly … Читать далее

Detecting Cloned Cards at the ATM, Register

Much of the fraud involving counterfeit credit, ATM debit and retail gift cards relies on the ability of thieves to use cheap, widely available hardware to encode stolen data onto any card’s magnetic stripe. But new research suggests retailers and ATM operators could reliably detect counterfeit cards using a simple technology that flags cards which … Читать далее

Buyers Beware of Tampered Gift Cards

Prepaid gift cards make popular presents and no-brainer stocking stuffers, but before you purchase one be on the lookout for signs that someone may have tampered with it. A perennial scam that picks up around the holidays involves thieves who pull back and then replace the decals that obscure the card’s redemption code, allowing them … Читать далее

The Role of Phony Returns in Gift Card Fraud

On any given day, there are thousands of gift cards from top retailers for sale online that can be had for a fraction of their face value. Some of these are exactly what they appear to be: legitimate gift cards sold through third-party sites that specialize in reselling used or unwanted cards. But many of the more steeply discounted … Читать далее