Spam Nation Book Offer + Tour Details

As many of you know, my first book — Spam Nation — hits bookstore shelves on Nov. 18. I want to thank those of you who have already pre-ordered the book, and offer a small enticement for those who have yet to secure a copy.

Pre-order two or more copies of Spam Nation and get this "Krebs Edition" branded ZeusGard.

Pre-order two or more copies of Spam Nation and get this “Krebs Edition” branded ZeusGard.

Spam Nation is a true story about organized cybercriminals, some of whom are actively involved in using malware-laced spam to empty bank accounts belonging to small- and medium-sized businesses in the United States and Europe. I’ve written extensively about organizations that have lost tens of millions of dollars from these cyberheists. I’ve also encouraged online banking customers to take advantage of various “Live CD” technologies that allow users to sidestep the very malware that powers these cyberheists.

In July, I wrote about ZeusGard, one such technology that’s designed to streamline the process of adopting the Live CD approach for online banking. The makers of ZeusGard got such a positive response from that story that they offered to partner with Yours Truly in promoting Spam Nation!

I’m pleased to report that the first 1,000 customers to purchase two or more copies of Spam Nation — including any combination of digital, physical and/or audio versions of the book — before the official book launch on Nov. 18 will receive a complimentary KrebsOnSecurity-branded version of ZeusGard (pictured above)!

If you already pre-ordered two copies of the book, print, digital and/or audio, and have submitted the proof-of-purchase to [email protected], you will automatically receive a ZeusGard and do not need to resend that proof-of-purchase. If you’ve already pre-ordered a copy and wish to acquire another (print, digital or audio copy), please make sure to send that extra proof-of-purchase to [email protected] Pre-order your copy via several prominent booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Politics & Prose, and Powell’s.

So far, we have just 19 buyers who’ve chosen to purchase two or more copies, so we’ve got plenty more to go. I’ll put up another post if we get close to making the 1,000 customer limit.

Pre-orders are a big deal in the publishing industry because they signal to book sellers that a book is generating buzz and demand. They’re also important because they count toward the first week of sales, which can determine whether a book lands on best-seller lists.

So far, the reviews are very positive. Kirkus Reviews found the book “an eye-opening, immensely distressing exposé on the current state of organized cyberspammers.” Publisher’s Weekly calls Spam Nation “timely, informative, and sadly relevant in our cyber-dependent age.”

The Spam Nation book tour will kick off on Nov. 20 in Chicago, the hometown of my publisher — Sourcebooks. From there, we’ll be stopping in several other cities, including San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. In early December, I’ll be signing copies of Spam Nation at bookstores in New York and Washington, D.C. Please see the full schedule for more details, and join me if you’re able!

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