DoItQuick: Fast Domains for Dirty Deeds

A new service offered in the cybercriminal underground is geared toward spammers, scammers and malware purveyors interested in mass-registering dozens of dodgy domains in one go.

DoItQuick offers mass registration of malware domains.

The service — — will auto-register up to 15 domains simultaneously, choosing randomly named domains unless the customer specifies otherwise. DoItQuick sells two classes of domains: “white” domains that are “guaranteed” to stay registered for at least a year; and “black” domains that customers can use for illicit purposes and expect to last between 2 and 30 days before they are canceled.

This service makes it quite clear why customers might prefer the “black” domain registration service: “Domains for black deeds – these domains are registered for limited terms, from 2 to 30 days (average duration is about a week). Such domains are used for black and gray deeds. Low prices, fast registration! It is ideal for redirects, exploit packs, traffic, flood, botnets and other similar stuff. Domain names are checked for getting into blacklists, trackers and Spamhaus.”

DoItQuick refuses to guarantee registrations for domains purchased under its “white” classification if customers decide to use them to host exploits or other bad stuff.

“Domains for white – a domain that live year until paid off,” the site instruction. “They are ONLY for white matter, no viruses or other things!”

Fees for the black domains (without guarantee) run about $5, and payment is made via virtual currencies such as Webmoney and Liberty Reserve. When I told the system to auto-generate five domains for me, it suggested five Web site names in the .org registry; all of the domains were simply two or three random words run together, like “,” and “”.

This offering is another reminder that, where there is demand for a particular good or service in the computer crime underworld, someone will step up and create an automated way of meeting that need.

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