If You Use LinkedIn, Change Your Password

An archive reportedly containing the hashed passwords of more than six million LinkedIn accounts is circulating online. LinkedIn says it is still investigating the claims, but if you use LinkedIn, you may want to take a moment and change your password.

For those who wish to follow along, there are lengthy discussion threads on Reddit.com and ynewscombinator on the claimed password breach, which appears to have affected a small subset of LinkedIn’s user base of 140 million+ users. A number of my sources are now reporting having found their passwords in the archive.

A spokesperson at LinkedIn referred me to the company’s Twitter feed — @Linkedin — which states, “Our team continues to investigate, but we’re still unable to confirm that any security breach has occurred. Stay tuned.”

Update, 3:42 p.m. ET: LinkedIn just published a blog post acknowledging that “some of the passwords that were compromised correspond to LinkedIn accounts.” The company said affected members will find that their account passwords no longer work, and that these users will receive an email from LinkedIn with instructions on how to reset their passwords. LinkedIn cautions that there will not be any links in the emails, and that users should never change their passwords on any website by following a link in an email. LinkedIn also said affected users can expect to receive a second email “providing a bit more context on this situation and why they are being asked to change their passwords.”

Original post:

If you used your LinkedIn password at any other sites, you’ll want to change those passwords as well. For that matter, it’s a good idea to avoid sharing passwords between sites, at least those that hold potentially sensitive information about you.

For tips on choosing a good password, see this primer.

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