What Kind of Internet User Are You?

When you write about complex subjects such as security for a mainstream publication like The Washington Post — as I did for so many years until very recently — you sort of have to assume that a non-trivial number of your readers don’t have the strongest grasp of technology and security issues. But I’m curious how krebsonsecurity.com readers would describe their level of comfort with computers and the steps it takes to remain safe online.

Last week, Jerome Segura, a security analyst at ParetoLogic of Victoria, B.C., Canada, published a lighthearted blog entry in which he splits computer users into  four basic classes:

-Extra-cautious (paranoiacs)

-Those who somewhat understand

-Those who are over-confident

-Security-conscious folks

Segura also suggests the delineations between these groups may break down along generational lines (pre-boomers, the early boomers, the 70s and 80s users, and the 90s to the present). I’m sure plenty of people would disagree with both of these sets of generalizations. I would add a 5th group, to describe the most recent generation, which I’d label the “complacent” or “invincible.” These users — typically in the teenage to young adult age group — often see security as something that’s optional.

Which type of Internet user are you? Pick the answer that best describes you in the poll below. Don’t see a match? Leave a comment and tell us which category is missing.

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