Microsoft: Exploit Published for Windows Flaw

Microsoft warned today that hackers have published instructions for attacking a previously unknown security hole in all versions of Windows that could be exploited to siphon user data or trick users into installing malicious code.

Redmond published an advisory about a vulnerability in the way Windows handles MHTML code that could let attackers run Javascript code if the user is browsing a malicious site using Internet Explorer. As Wolfgang Kandek, chief technology officer at Qualys notes, that means that IE is the only known exploit vehicle for this flaw, and that other browsers such as Firefox and Chrome are not affected in their default configuration because they don’t support MHTML without the installation of specific add-ons.

Microsoft said it may issue a patch to fix the flaw, but that in the meantime IE users who are concerned about this threat can use a supplied “FixIt” tool to help shore up the way Windows handles MHTML documents. The enable that fix, visit this link and click the FixIt icon.

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