Flash Update Plugs 18 Security Holes

Adobe on Thursday released an update to its Flash Player software that fixes at least 18 security vulnerabilities, including one that is being exploited in targeted attacks.

The Flash update brings the latest version to v To find out if your computer has Flash installed (it almost certainly does) and what version it may be running, go here. The new version is available from this link, but be aware that if you accept all of the default settings, the update may include additional software, such as a toolbar or anti-virus scanner.

If you’d like to avoid Adobe’s obnoxious Download Manager and all these extras, grab the update from this link instead. Updates are available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris versions of Flash.

If you use Internet Explorer in addition to other browsers, you will need to apply this update twice: Once to install the Flash Active X plugin for IE, and again to update other browsers, such as Firefox or Google Chrome (you may find that Google has already updated their browser with this fix). Also, while it’s not strictly necessary, Adobe recommends that users uninstall the previous version of Flash before updating to the latest copy of Flash. Instructions and tools for removing Flash are here.

More information on the vulnerabilities fixed in this patch is available in the Adobe advisory.

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